Aims & Objectives


  • To collect and stock social science research material in Telugu and Urdu in addition to English and maintain the necessary equipment for its use.
  • To represent the ICSSR within the Region and to work for extension of its programme to social scientists in the region.
  • To bring the social scientists of the region closer for promotion of social science research.
  • To bring the ideas and problems of the social scientists of the region to the notice of the ICSSR, New Delhi.
  • To serve as a link between the social scientists of the region and national and international communities of the social scientists.

To perform the above role, the following activities are envisaged for the Southern Regional Centre:

  • To promote documentation and bibliographical work in the regional languages and special documentation work.
  • To supplement social science journals/periodicals of the Southern Universities.
  • To organize or assist the seminars/workshops/conferences/lectures in the region.
  • To provide financial assistance to regional/professional associations and social science journals in the regional languages
  • To provide Study Grants for visiting library/institution for research work.
  • To collect material/information in regional languages to promote research.
  • To provide translations of research materials into regional languages
  • To supervise and coordinate the research projects/fellowships sanctioned by the ICSSR in the region.
  • To evaluate and support the proposals received in regional languages for financial support.
  • To guide social science scholars about the various activities and facilities available at ICSSR.
  • To organize meetings of the Project Directors, Senior Fellows, General Fellows and PhD students for streamlining the progress of their projects and fellowships and to bring to the notice of the ICSSR, the problems and difficulties faced by the scholars.
  • In addition, the Southern Regional Centres may provide financial assistance for organizing training programme in research methodology/application of computers in social science research. Any other activity which the ICSSR may entrust to the Southern Regional Centres.
  • Any other activity which the ICSSR may entrust to the Regional Centres.
  • To arrange visits of eminent social scientists to the Centre where they deliver lectures and hold discussions and seminars.