About the Library

The Centre has a good collection of books and reference material in the Library. The library subscribes to both national and international periodicals which include journals from ICSSR, New Delhi and journals as gift from other institutions. The emphasis in the collection of books in the library is on research methods in different disciplines of social sciences, reference books, books on women studies etc. Important books in Telugu languages in social sciences are also acquired. Visiting research scholars from outside Hyderabad and the local scholars are utilizing the library facilities.

Research scholars of Social Sciences from various places approach the Regional Centre for guidance in their research work in terms of reading materials, bibliographies, document lists, formulation of research proposals, construction of questionnaire etc. Library provides assistance to scholars.

The Centre has received books and publications (Gratis) from ICSSR (NASSDOC), New Delhi, and other Regional Centres of ICSSR and Prof. K. Madhusudhan Reddy, Prof. V. Satyanarayana and Late Prof. G. Krishna Reddy the Former Honorary Director of ICSSR - SRC personal collections also acquired.

In the reference material the library has social science encyclopedias, almanacs, reference tools like gazettes, reports, abstracts and indexes, bibliographies, NASSDOC bulletins and select bibliographies. The Centre has been receiving government documents from different government departments on budget etc. The Centre has been subscribing to newspapers of the region regularly.

The ICSSR-SRC library is currently subscribing to 5 Social Science Journals i.e., 4 English Journals; 1 Telugu Journals and 4 Newspapers & Total Bound volumes of Journals are 2971. The Centre is also receiving 16 Indian Journals free of cost.

  • On working days 10:00 am to 04:30 pm
  • Library is open on all working days except on public holidays